Another new beginning…

Hello and Welcome!

So this is “Wait, listen to…” 2.0. This blog has been a long time project I’ve always wanted to start and create – and which I finally did one year ago on Blogspot. However, after struggling with the site and time management I decided after long deliberation to just start all over again. You know, new beginnings, clean slate and such… It’s a risk yes, and the posts coming up have been on my blogspot site before however they need to be on this one too. For all you curious to how my site looked like before – the link here:

So this was mainly an update for my previous followers and now I turn to all you new ones curious as to what I’m planning.

“Wait, listen to…” is a blog about music. Music in my life, music that I find needs more attention, music that has engulfed me and should be shared.

After posting videos and little posts of my favourite bands and music videos on Facebook without much response I landed here. It’s with this blog that I hope to reach people who love music as much as I do and love discovering the unknown and being surprised how much diversity is out there. So here’s to you and thank you all so much in advance for sticking around.

– Marla


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