Mighty Oaks

 The first time I heard this band was beginning of the year. Their single ‘Brother’ played on the radio and I was immediately taken by the song. The freedom yet companionship it expresses makes one feel the urge to pack a rucksack and just head out into adventure.

Then last Juli, I finally had the opportunity to see them live. They played on the Feldbühne at festival “Das Fest” in Karlsruhe. It was Sunday and they were the last act for that weekend. From the first chord of their first song, I was enraptured. It was a small stage but yet so many people had gathered to hear them play. Still this very intimate feeling remained. In my opinion they should have belonged in the payed area on the big stage of that festival. But maybe it would have ruined the feeling… who knows? 

Mighty Oaks is quite an international band. Made up of three young men, Ian Hopper from the United States, Claudio Donzelli from Italy and Craig Saunders from England, they all met gigging in Hamburg, Germany. All decided ultimately, to move to Berlin and finally in 2010 to form their band, Mighty Oaks. Playing smaller gigs around the city, then expanding to cities all around Germany and Europe, they soon became a concert and festival favourites. 

How to best describe the music the Mighty Oaks make….
Acoustic vibes, guitar strumming, the melody from the mandolin and the sound of Hopper’s rugged voice infused with Donzelli’s and Saunders’ backing vocals. All matched up with meaningful lyrics. Folk and indie elements. The whole combination is simply indescribable. It all just fits. 

After seeing them live, I finally went ahead and bought their current album “Howl” and having been playing it close to every day since. It’s a perfect summer album. Where ever I am and I hear the songs, I’m taken back to warm summer days, driving the car to the lake with my friends and the music washing over us while we chat and laugh. 

Some of my favourite tracks from “Howl” are: ‘Brother’, ‘Back to You’, ‘Shells’, ‘When I dream , I see’, ‘Just one day‘, and ‘Horse’ – just to name a few. Basically, the whole album invites you to dream and feel free. 

Their sound is unique yet admirer of artists and bands such as Mumford and Sons, Joshua James, Keaton Henson and Michael Schulte, will really enjoy Mighty Oaks’ music. 

Touring constantly for close to a year now, the band is still on the road for the rest of 2014, finishing up the festival season, then heading on their solo tour in the fall. I have yet to get my ticket for their tour but shall be doing this asap, and I recommend you do too. Enjoy! 


Previously published on the 02.09.2014

Video: YouTube

PhotoCred: Marla Isabelle


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