I may have been more into acoustic vibey music of late but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy, nay, LOVE to really dance. it. out. Helping me on this mission has been a Danish singer named Karen Marie Ørsted a.k.a. .

Through the years, I’ve always been intrigued and captivated by various Scandinavian  musicians. From Medina to Erik Hassle to Robyn, they all have that musical talent that has had me hooked. I shall definitely be introducing some of my favourites sometime later on this blog.

However, I digress… Back to this kick-ass lady. I heard “Walk This Way” ages ago and although it had been stuck in my head for quite a while, I only really got into it when it played during an clothes advertisement on the television. After humming it all day long, I painstakingly turned to the Internet with a few memorized lyrics. It wasn’t easy but in the end, triumph was mine and I found the song! That was the beginning of the end. I must have listened to the song a couple of a hundred times. It became one of my summer favourites. It’s just so catchy and fun. It makes me feel like a rebel and just downright cool.

Funnily enough, “Walk This Way” was the free iTunes “Single of the Week” a while back and I’d already downloaded it without realizing. Quelle wonderful surprise!

Current album is “No Mythologies to Follow” and I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if I didn’t feel like everyone should have this great music in their lives. The sound has electronic and indie pop-esque elements with touches of soul. That being said, you can dance to it. Personal favourites: ‘Walk This Way’, ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’, ‘Pilgrim’ and even a Spice Girls classic ‘Say You’ll Be There’ with her own electro dance twist. I’m in love!

This won’t be the last you’ll be reading about her. I love breaking free from the constant repeat of some of the other artists I follow and love, and Mø’s really done it for me. Now, as you can guess, my experience isn’t complete without having seen her live. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity so far. She is however, on tour in the States right now, so any of you on that side of the World, go check if she’s nearby! Europe will have to be a little more patient, but Mø will be here in November and you can be sure I’m already sitting here trying to figure out where I could possibly see the show.

Previoulsy posted on the 28.09.2014

UPDATE: I was lucky enough to see Mø live at the Hurricane Festival this summer. Second row and I was blasted away by her power. Boy, that woman can perform! It was pure epicness. All from her tracksuit outfit to her stage diving at the end. I was left longing for the show to be hours long. It was loud, it was sassy, it was amazing.

Oh and by now she’s kinda a big deal. Well done Major Lazor!


Video: YouTube

PhotoCred: www.windishagency.com (Thomas Skou)


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