Max Giesinger

A little different to other artists, Max Giesinger is a German singer-songwriter, originating from the Karlsruhe area. Max started his career early. He played in a couple of bands, then covered songs (mainly in English), followed by own originals. Now he’s finally found himself a niche in German music. 

Max actually joined the first season of “The Voice of Germany”, becoming fourth runner up. Through the show he was catapulted into a broader audience. However, after the show ended, it became quiet around the 25 year-old. He planned on finally making an album and his die-hard fans (my very impatient friend and myself included) waited with baited breath. Yet another 2 years elapsed before we were rewarded for our patience.
The time after the show hadn’t been too great for Max either. His work with a music label didn’t pan out and there was simply not enough money to make the album work. That was until beginning of 2014. Via Crowdfunding, a online platform where one can donate and raise money for different causes and the donors receive exclusive “prizes” in return, he managed to raise enough funds to bring out the album without the help of a record label. 
Now, I have to admit, as he is from my hometown, I have a soft spot for him. I’ve also been to many (don’t ask how many) concerts and know how badly he’s wanted this dream to come true. So, my friend and I decided to donate via Crowdfunding and in return we went to a “Pre-listening Party” for the new album “Laufen Lernen”
The “party” wasn’t very big, about 30 people sitting around the bar, chatting and listening to the album, while Max came around talked to everyone personally. This gave everyone else and myself, the opportunity to get to know him a little better. I must say, when you do, he’s a right charmer. 
The album came out at the end of May. “Laufen Lernen” – to learn to walk. Max has mentioned in interviews that the album title has to do with learning to stand on your own two feet again and to keep going. It reflects the journey he went through to finalizes the album. The album is an array of “older songs” but also very catchy new ones. Sung solely in German, the lyrics are witty but also deep. Through the years I’ve heard many of the songs played during his concerts already and some of my faves even made it onto the album. They include ’50 Jahre’, ‘Vielleicht’, ‘Für Dich’ und ‘Du kannst das’. New but especially addictive and with some quite cheeky lyrics ‘Irgendwas mit L’ or more thoughtful and deep (a song about an estranged friendship) ‘Blutsbrüder’.
As much as I would like to describe or compare his music, I must say I find it difficult. Unfortunately, I do not listen to that much German music (although I’m slowly but surely getting into it). The music I do enjoy is, in comparison, much different. What I can say is that it is a lot of guitar strumming, cool tunes and again, amazing lyrics. Much like a German John Mayer mixed with some Ed Sheeran vibes.
I recommend one simply go to a concert and convince oneself. The performances are always funny and charming. The other guys in the band are extremely talented and really round off each gig. There really isn’t more to add. So if you’d like, his “Laufen Lernen Tour” through Germany/Austria starts September 19th. I’ll be joining the party in Kaiserslautern and in Karlsruhe. I can’t wait!

Previously posted on 07.09.2014

UPDATE: I had the opportunity to interview Max for “Randnotiz” earlier this year and really get to know him a little better. If you want you can read the full interview here (mind it is in German):

Another fun fact – I’m in the “Für Immer” video! Who can spot me?


Video: YouTube

PhotoCred: Marla Isabelle


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