Michael Schulte

A singer-songwriter, in his mid-twenties, tall, with a mop of copper curls and an incredible voice. Intrigued? Well, this is Michael Schulte.

With the release of his second album, “The Arising”, I felt compelled once again to push this wonderful singer into the ever-growing limelight. 

If you know me personally, then Michael Schulte hopefully isn’t a new artist that needs introducing. (I could say I’m sorry for bringing his music up all the time, but I’m not – and you all thank me after anyway). To everyone else, listen up!

My journey with Michael’s music started about 2-3 years ago, so I’ve witnessed this guys’ progress. Back in 2012, Schulte’s first album “Wide Awake” released.  The songs were diverse, deep, and demanding, in the sense that they brought out all sorts of emotions – from hope and laughter to heartache and a little pain. If you don’t already have the album, it really is worth a listen. It still is one of my favourite albums. 

After “Wide Awake”, came a tour, and then it went back to the studio: – Round 2 coming right up. But years change people. You grow and flourish. And that’s exactly what Schulte did. 

Beginning of the year, the “Thoughts EP” came out. A few great songs to bridge the long wait till October. I instantly fell in love with the song ‘Thoughts’. It was just so relatable and captured me so much so, I felt compelled to write about it.
Finally it’s October 3rd and a long and anticipating wait is at an end…

“The Arising” – an album title that really states itself. To rise again, older and wiser, ready to conquer.  

Now that “The Arising” album is out, I have a few more favourites. ‘The Deep’ and ‘Frozen Over’ are two songs I instantly felt connected to (the latter makes with the band support, an epic live performance). Especially ‘The Deep’ has really had an effect . From the moment I heard the teaser, I knew it was going to really get to me. The way it builds up to the lyrics – there’s just something magical about it. Following this post, I’ll probably write a whole album review – the album is that inspiring. You purely get lost in this singers incredible voice. The musical influences are of a folk, pop, acoustic sort of nature.

Lovers of the likes such as London Grammar, Ben Howard and Bon Iver, won’t be disappointed with Michael Schulte

Complementing the album release is the “The Arising Tour” starting mid-November. Although all dates are in Germany, there is the exception of Amsterdam, Netherlands, as a first international concert (let’s hope for many more!). The concert junkie that I am, I have seen Schulte a few times too many to mention the exact amount (in fear of outing myself officially as a groupie). I will say however, the actual reason I go so often is this mans gift to capture the audience with his voice alone. I guess you could say I’m addicted. Even skeptical friends agree there’s a certain kind of magic about each performance. He sinks into another world whilst on stage and we’re all lucky witnesses to what he shares from that place. The energy and emotion, mixed with an incredible vocal range that leaves you jaw dropped, truly makes one of his concerts an event you won’t forget that easily. That and his sense of humour. Each concert is filled with little anecdotes about his life or his songs; a closeness with fans I hope will remain when he finally turns into an international, platinum-record selling artist.

Go, please go to a concert if you can. Just trust me on this.

I believe this album is the start. I haven’t seen an artist work this hard to achieve success. I couldn’t be more proud and even a little anxious at the same time. For all the time and extra effort he places into all his music and career, he really deserves this break through. If you’re reading this Michael, all the best and don’t forget us when you’re filling stadiums and touring the world! 

I hope I’ve helped you understand the immensity of this artists talent and you’ll support him via album, tour and spreading the word. I’ll be at a few concerts myself and I’d love to know if some of you will be going too!

Previously posted on 03.10.2014


© Video – YouTube

© Photo – Marla Isabelle


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