“Queen of the Clouds” – Tove Lo

Album Review:

Fierce, confidant, unapologetic – these are just a few of the adjectives I like to associate with Tove Lo (pronounced correctly as TUvE LU).

Earlier this week, this amazing lady released her lyric video to ‘Moments’, the actual music video coming up soon. However, what I love about this video is the video montage of Tove’s life. From kid photos, snapshots of her party days to her journey to where she is now.

Her record “Queen of the Clouds” has been out a while now and is still on constant on my Spotify playlist. And so, I feel confident enough to give you a little, but long overdue, album review.

So the album is broken down into three parts:

THE SEX, THE LOVE, THE PAIN. In an interview with Vevo, Tove explained that’s basically how her life is structured. And this has reflected in her music, in her relationships and has influenced her work: “Because there can’t be passion without a little pain at the end”. Each interlude has Tove explain shortly what each section means.

THE SEX consists of the songs: ‘My Gun’, ‘Like Em Young’, ‘Talking Body’ and ‘Time Bomb’. As you can probably guess, the songs do have sexual intentions hidden within their lyrics. But done with a fun twist like in ‘Like Em Young’. ‘Talking Body’, one of my personal faves, is a little more direct but it’s catchy melody and the lyric: “If you love me right, we fuck for life” is just the right kind of provoking sentence that isn’t too much but also not too shy. Something I I’ve been missing from other many female pop singers around now. ‘Time Bomb’ has despite its fast paced beat, actually quite honest lyrics about complicated relationships that are difficult but that might possibly work.

THE LOVE starts with ‘Moments’. I admire this song because it kinda reflects my life and where I am now so I relate to it well. It’s a little more slow-paced then the songs from “THE SEX” which slowly changes the mood of the album. Following up on ‘Moments’ are ‘The Way I Am’, ‘Got Love’, and ‘Not On Drugs’ – the latter having quite a great beat during the chorus.

The final part – THE PAIN – really describes the destruction of that love you thought exsisted. With songs like ‘Thousand Miles’, ‘Habits – Stay High’ and ‘This Time Around’ that really let you in on that feeling of helplessness you find yourself in once all things have been said and done.

After that the album still includes a bunch of remixes and bonus tracks such as ‘Over’, ‘Out Of Your Mind’ and ‘Paradise’. These are some of her older tracks but are just as great as the other songs on the album.

Vulnerable, honest, funny lyrics – hidden behind electro pop. Yet it works and make up a rather catchy album. I’ll admit some of the songs had to grow on me and I skipped them at the beginning. However, now I play the whole album through and find it actually makes a great workout album! Or when you’re having a crap day to just sing along to and releasing your inner sassy biatch. You can tell that Tove Lo has left a little of her in every song and shows us all what she was going through when she was writing the songs.

I discovered Tove Lo quite early on in her career and when I found out she was performing a few dates in Europe I immediately checked my nearest location. Unfortunately Berlin was the only location in Germany and that was definitely too far. However, luck was on my side. As my brother studies in the Netherlands, he suggested we just see her in Amsterdam – this gave me also the perfect holiday opportunity! But I digress… We saw her in at the Melkweg and the show was intense. I was hooked from the start. I’d already been a fan of “Habits” but “Talking Body” really had me going. And boy, during that song’s performance – phew – things really got hot! If you haven’t seen her perform live, well this might give you a good reason to – that’s all I’ll say. This woman is pure sex. I admire her honesty about her sexuality and think it is important to be confident as a woman, especially in this business. It’s quite refreshing how honest her lyrics and music are despite it being pop. She’s also so unapologetic yet charming about what she sings about and I find that’s rare in mainstream music right now. I don’t know – I just really like her.

So like always, I’d recommend you turn to YouTube, Spotify or any other music site of your choosing and simply take a listen to her songs. And afterwards, if you like – comment down below and let me know what you think!

  1. The Sex – Intro
  2. My Gun
  3. Like Em Young
  4. Talking Body
  5. Timebomb
  6. The Love – Interlude
  7. Moments
  8. The Way That I Am
  9. Got Love
  10. Not On Drugs
  11. The Pain – Interlude
  12. Thousand Miles
  13. Habits (Stay High)
  14. This Time Around
  15. Run On Love – QOTC Edit

Bonus tracks:

  1. Love Ballad
  2. Habits (Stay High) – Hippie Sabotage Remix
  3. Over
  4. Out Of Mind
  5. Paradise
  6. Talking Body (Clean Love Edit)

Photo: Billboard/Twitter
Video: YouTube


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