Ryan O’Shaughnessy

You know those songs that just seem to fit right into an exact moment of your existence – like they could be on the soundtrack to your life? That describe what you’re going through or has happened to you? Well, it seems Irish singer/songwriter Ryan O’Shaughnessy always finds the right songs that fit into my life.

O’Shaughnessy released “Fingertips” just this September 27th (which also happened to be his birthday – so Happy Birthday again Ryan!). It’s a bittersweet song but one I’ve been anticipating listening to in full for the longest time.

It was the melody and O’Shaughnessy’s voice that pulled me towards the song when I first heard it and only on the second time really listening I noticed the rather complex and heart-aching story behind the words.

The story I see is that of a person loving another person at this moment but not being able to fully let go of their own past or potential future opportunities, to fully commit to the person they are seeing now. So this person has to end things to find their own happiness. My own personal twist to this is that I’m the person on the other end, having recently been second seated myself. So listening to this song has been a mixture of pain, relief and peacemaking with the situation and so, been oddly therapeutic.

Fingertips FB

But on a lighter note, like most of the population out there, I discovered Ryan through “Britain’s Got Talent” three years ago, when he performed his original song “No Name”. This song I might add, that still bares a lot of memories but is still a song I love to listen to. (Fun fact: It inspired me to very brave one New Year’s and tell someone I liked how I felt. Funnily enough that day I happened to tweet out the song for some sort of cosmic strength and even got a retweet from the singer himself!)

It’s the sound of O’Shaughnessy’s voice – calm and soulful – that stops me in my tracks. It’s the simply videos with just him and his guitar or at the piano singing his songs, that are I love to listen to, and if I’m honest, often prefer to the studio versions of the songs. If you do check out his YouTube videos, I recommend “Evergreen” and “Hold Me Now”.

After spending much time over the pond on the Canadian side of things and now road-tripping California, I’m hoping he’ll hop back over soon and maybe even make a little Europe Tour – and of course I’m hella excited for the upcoming album (release yet to be determined). However, for now I’m content with “Fingertips” and can only inspire you to buy the single and support this great musician.

As always, I would love to hear what you think and even better, would love to know what you see in “Fingertips”!



Photo: Twitter/Facebook

Video: YouTube/Christian Tierney


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