Tori Kelly

“It should’ve been us
Should of been a fire, should of been the perfect storm
It should’ve been us
Could of been the real thing, now we’ll never know for sure,

We were crazy, but amazing, baby we both know
It should’ve been us”

So I only discovered “Should’ve Been Us” by Tori Kelly about a week ago. And that song changed my life. No, all of Tori’s songs have.

Of course I’d already heard about Tori Kelly for quite a while. Her cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” with YouTuber and beatboxer Angie Girl impressed me however, I was never really interested in listening to her music, as I believed it to be the same pop music as so many others before her had made and I just didn’t want to join in the hype. But boy, was I wrong. And have been missing out for too long.

Just some basic info’s before I get to the music: Kelly has been in the limelight for quite some time having been on TV in various singing shows and showcasing her abilities on YouTube. But it just wasn’t meant to be with any major labels. So Tori did her own thing and finally in 2012 released her first EP “Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly”.

A year later the great Scooter Braun (you know that guy that also manages Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber) became her manager and she signed to Capitol Records.

Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio

In the meanwhile, she’s also been on tour supporting the likes of Ed Sheeran (with whom she wrote and shares a song) and Sam Smith (who actually shed some tears when she sang “Paper Hearts”).

So yeah – that was a little background information to Tori Kelly. Please find the rest on Wikipedia and co. Or better, watch an interview with Tori Kelly – it’s rather delightful!

So, Tori already dropped her current album “Unbreakable Smile” in June in the US but it’s only planned to be released in just a few days in Europe (cue pre-order now!). What I’ve heard from it so far however predict fun, funky, sassy, confident songs but definitely with a more mature and different vibe to her previous work. The two singles “Nobody Love” and (my favourite) “Should’ve Been Us” have been supporting the album so far.


I simply can’t get enough of “Should’ve Been Us”. The song express the exactly what I would’ve sometimes liked to have said (or still would) to those guys that left me high and dry. But unlike a sad ballad, the song’s got spunk and confidence. It kinda makes you wanna stand up and say: “Yeah, it should’ve been us but I’m better than ever without you”. And then dance it off. Like literally – the song makes me want to choreography a whole dance.

But it’s Tori’s second EP “Foreword” that deserves a special mention. Okay, so let me break this down for you. Never have I ever found songs that so perfectly reflect my life or my current situation. I was instantly hooked and have been listening to these songs on a loop. The EP consists of five tracks: “Rocket”, “Dear No One”, “Treasure”, “Paper Hearts” and “Daydream”.

It’s “Dear No One” – a song for that special person whom you’d like to share your life with but haven’t met yet – and “Paper Hearts” – the lyrics describe the end of relationship but one still thinks about the person a lot – that have truly captured my heart. I feel the songs address situations that actually many early 20-year-olds are going through but aren’t really presented clearly in music.

It’s also at this point that I’d like to thank Tori Kelly for providing me with songs that I can really relate to and have given my inner feelings and thoughts real melodies I certainly am not able to create myself.

So Tori’s already sort of a big deal in America and definitely been a huge success in the UK but I’d love her to get just a little more recognition in Germany (so much so that I’m hoping for tour dates!). Judging by all her live performance videos I’ve seen (and I’ve watched a ton over that last week) her concerts are definitely something one has to be a part of! She’s even made it onto my “interview bucket list“ (that’s right – I’ve got a list of people I want to interview sometime in my life) – that is how much I love her. She just seems like such a sweetheart and a genuinely great person that enjoys a good laugh and knows how to speak from the heart. That, and that her vocal skills are simply to die for!

Alright, I’ll stop gushing. But really, take some time to listen to her songs and jump on the bandwagon. You might be surprised by how much you really like her music.


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