That Weekly Playlist 1

In the light of trying to get back into my blogging thing (and I’ve been away too long I know – really sorry about that), I thought I’d ease my way in with some classic mix-taping a.k.a. I’ve got some tracks here that might strike one’s interest.

Now these tracks might not be the newest songs out there nor might you find stuff that’s so hipster you won’t find it ever – the music below is just basically stuff I’ve been listening on repeat for the last week. So if some of you might be in a musical strut and could do with some distraction – you’re welcome.

I’m planning on making this a weekly thing and really sticking with it.Right, enough chit-chat – I give you That Weekly Playlist.

Børns – American Money 

First up, I have to place my beloved Børns. Stumbled across his track “Past Lives” and basically devoured his album “Dopamine” the second I got my hands on it. One of my absolute favourite tracks on it has to be “American Money”. It’s just so cool and suave. Take a listen:

Flume ft. Tove Lo – Say It

I love Tove Lo. This woman is just everything. And when I found out Flume created a track with her, I was right on it. This song is just so catchy and kinda really hot. Oh yeah!

Don Broco – Nerve

Now, I knew this band for a while already but honestly never really listened to any of their tracks. That is till Spotify and Game of Thrones teamed up and assigned GoT character playlists to listeners. My Jon Snow playlist being on point for my liking it also contained “Nerve”. One listen and it made my stuck-in-my-head tracklist.

Miike Snow – Genghis Khan 

This track’s already a little older but boy, how funky is this song? As a sucker for lyrics that really don’t match the sound of the song – this song is ace. A story about being a jealous creature all packaged in a fun little melody. And if that doesn’t convince you, well – the video is quite the jewel too…

The 1975 – She’s American/ Somebody Else

The 1975 have been a constant companion to me over the last few weeks. “I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” is actually a pretty good album. I’ve even been lucky enough to chat with Matty and after seeing them live here in Dublin, well – I was completely sold. I tried to just choose one track for y’all but it was so hard. “She’s American” oddly always places me in a good mood while “Somebody Else” must be one of the most sad songs I’ve ever heard (however, again – packaged with such a good melody, you really have to listen to the lyrics).

Madeline Juno – You know what?

For any of you who might not know, Madeline Juno is this really talented lass from Germany I’ve following for years now. I’ve seen her on her very first proper stage to seeing her play her very own tour. She’s quite the gifted songwriter and released her anticipated second album “Salvation” earlier this year. One of the song’s that really stuck out to me is one called “You know what?”. Not sure why but maybe you all can figure it out…

Drunk in the Morning- Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham shot to their second round of fame with their song “7 Years” this year. As much as I’ve been hooked on this song, it’s brought back memories of their first hit called “Drunk in the Morning”. It’s an oldie but a goldie and just so much fun. The video for it was, for it’s time, so whack and crazy (I still recall the tuts and head shakes). If you can, try and find it – but for now, enjoy the live version.

And to some it all up – the whole playlist for your convenience.




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