That Weekly Playlist 2

Round two of “That Weekly” playlist is here. And folks, I’ve got a little something for each and everyone of you. It’s been a tough week of studying and exams and what always helps is a little musical motivation to carry on. Shall we begin?

(Oh and as always, find complete Spotify playlist right at the bottom!)

Drake feat. Whizkid & Kyla – One Dance

Okay, we’ve all heard this song out and about. Gotta love the beginning of this tune! And who doesn’t want themselves some catchy Drake vibes to dance to? Yeah, well I do – so this has been on repeat for the last week (and probably beyond – cos well, I need that one dance…).
YouTube nor Vevo unfortunately has a video or audio of the song but find below a great alternative. The young man goes by the name of Nicky Jam – and lemme tell you, he knows how to switch up the song and woo you in espanol!

Birdy – Wild Horses

This track really took me by surprise. I’ll be honest – not the biggest Birdy fan out there. Yet, upon hearing this song and finding out it Birdy was behind it, I was pleasantly surprised. The song isn’t as original as one would hope melody wise (I’ve detected several other musical influences) but the lyrics kinda spoke to me and all in all I just haven’t been able to stop listening to the song.

James Blake ft. Bon Iver – I Need A Forest Fire

YAS! The news that James Blake was sharing new music already made me so happy. But to team up with Bon Iver was too much. This song is just everything. Call be obsessed but from all songs on the playlist – this has to be my most played one. The combination of both men’s immense talent is not to be missed. So if for some reason you still haven’t heard the song – go now, click below – LISTEN!

Lana Del Rey – Ride

So enough of new tracks, let’s go a few year back. Oh Lana, you queen. Every time I feel a little overwhelmed or in need to get out and see the world (which isn’t easy to do when stuck in doors studying) I turn to “Ride”. The song just says it all, here you go.

Lily Allen – Littlest Things

Lily Allen has told her audience at Bush Hall, that the song was about an old flame she loved and misses still. It’s also included on the soundtrack to the movie “Love, Rosie” – where I heard it first. As so many romantic songs so, this one too just spoke to feelings in my heart that often appear in the strangest of moments and make you wonder if you could turn back time, what you’d change. It’s a cute song and does the trick in feeding my masochistic feelings I have with love…

The Kooks – Down

I’ve loved The Kooks longer than I can remember. Their song “Naive” was my life line for the longest time. But as time does – music changes. The boys have come a long way from their grimy, indie days. “Down” was on their 2014 album “Listen” – an LP filled with funky tunes and just fun to listen to. “Down” especially is just so catchy, I always have to play it if it’s stuck in my head again. So, you’re welcome.

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling

You got me: Guilty pleasure right here! Mr. JT has done it again. New song, new summer jam. It’s fun, catchy and kinda nice to have Timberlake back. I mean who doesn’t want to get up and dance when hearing the song? Oooooh, I see ya!

Kygo ft. Matt Corby – Serious

Kygo’s new album “Cloud Nine” is so good. And the Norwegian DJ hasn’t been petty with his featuring artists on the album. Ranging from James Vincent McMorrow to Foxes to Will Heard (everyone please check out this guy!) I actually fell in love with Kygo’s song with Matt Corby. Initially reminding me of a Dido song (the beginning tune) it doens’t have a all too typical Matt Corby feel or rather I wouldn’t have recognised him if I hadn’t know it was him singing. Anyway, this song’s a little sexy, smooth and so dreamy.

Again, couldn’t find a video for “Serious” but instead have the song that brought me to the album. It’s “Raging” sung by the fantastic Kodaline. So much love for these guys. But check out the album on Spotify or whatever else ya’ll listen to (or just check out the playlist below!). It’s fab!

Jack Garratt – The Love You’re Given

Despite everyone else’s misgivings – I really like Jack Garratt. Saw him perform the first time as a support act for Ben Howard and immediately took a liking to his performance and music. This guy is ace. Alone on stage with his drum machine, just doing his thang. His album “Phase” is filled with little gems that have to grow on you but once they have, you’ll treasure. One of them is “Love You’re Given”. It’s got a lot of different elements in it which are a little much at first. But if you really take the time to let the song work it’s magic on you, you’ll absolutely love it.

Tove Lo & Lucas Nord – Run on Love

I can’t go without Tove Lo. I seriously love this woman. She’s such a bad ass and kind of the alter ego I want to have. Anyway, the song “Run on Love” is ancient but I came across the video a few days ago and have been hooked on the song ever since again.

Find the complete playlist here:



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