Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Albums of 2016

There it came and there it went. The past year. 2016. And now 2017 shall commence with such an onslaught of music, we won’t know what to listen to first. So before that all kicks off, let’s use this occasion to hightlight some of the musical delights of 2016.
I’ve complied a short but sweet list of albums that carried me through the past year – some of which I’ve must have listened to at least 50 times over and could now sing you the entire album back to front (thank you smartphone and limited storage space).


So my year began with receiving The 1975’s new album “I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” to review for Nothing But Hope and Passion. Having already released “Ugh!”, “Love Me” prior, I was already looking forward to this more up beat pop sound The 1975 had to offer with this album. Yes, it may not be the same dire The 1975 that so many emo kids fell in love with all those years ago but their lyrics and provoking wit remains intakt. My personal favourites are the upbeat and hilarious “She’s American” but also slower songs like “The Sound” –  the gospel element at the end gets me every time – and in my opinion one of most tragic loves songs of the year, “Somebody Else”.


Next up I found myself falling in love with Alice Phoebe Lou. The South African singer that calls Berlin home (and whom you can often catch busking at the Mauer Park), is this tiny creature but with such a powerful and pure voice, you can’t help but fall in love with her. Her current album “Orbit” truly is an album that will whisk you away into another realm. You can read my in depth album review also on NBHAP.


Flume and his LP “Skin” got me through the summer. I love me some good Flume and when I heard he had a song with Tove Lo on the album, I was basically sold. Then I heard his song, “Never Be Like You” with Kai and I was a goner. Sure, some of the songs on the album are a tad earsplitting (I’m looking at you “Wall Fuck”) but songs such as “Smoke and Retribution (ft. Vince Staples and KUCKA)” and “Innocence (ft. AlunaGeorge)” get me pumped. I’m fully aware Flume isn’t everyone’s thing but this album definitely is good one to start with if you’ve been thinking about stepping into this genre of music.


Then came Autumn and an album release I’d been waiting  years and years for. After hearing Ryan O’Shaughnessy sing “No Name” back in 2012, all I wanted was to see this guy play live. Living in Ireland at the beginning of 2016 gave me that and so much more. Not only did I get to see Ryan play live a couple of time, nay I even got to sit down and chat about music and the album with him. However, the actual album release date was still up in the air when we spoke. Thus I was so happy to hear that Ryan’s debut LP “Back To Square One” was being released. This album means a lot to me as Ryan’s music has accompanied me through many a hard time throughout the years. Read my track-by-track review of “Back To Square One” here.


And last but certainly not least, and probably my favourite album of the year 2016, is HONNE’s “Warm On A Cold Night”. Hands down, this is the one album I’ll be and have already been telling everyone that will listen, to go listen to. Although I saw the band play at Trinity Ball in Dublin earlier in the year, I’ve only started getting into all their music when coming across the video to “Someone Who Loves You feat. Izzy Bizu” on YouTube. The song struck a chord as the lyrics describe a relationship that just isn’t meant to be (hello story of my life) that I couldn’t help replay it over and over. These tragically sad lyrics are hidden by such an upbeat melody it isn’t obvious how heartbreaking the song truly is. Anyho, I’ll probably be writing an individual post for the band (so stick around for that) so for now, I’ll leave you with some of my most listened to tracks off the album (trust me, this wasn’t easy – all songs are great): “Warm On A Cold Night”, “Coastal Love”, “It Ain’t Wrong Loving You”, and “3am”.

So, that’s quite a bit to listen to. Go forth my friends and happy listening!


One thought on “Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Albums of 2016

  1. Edo Ochsan says:

    Thank god, you review about Honne. I love them. Their songs are awesome. Yeah I believe you that not eazy to make favorite list because its all great! I like song 3 AM, FHKD, and It ain’t wrong loving you. Nice shared btw 🙂


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