It always seems to take me a little longer to warm up to female artists. Not sure why but when I do, I really love them. One of which is Anne-Marie.

If you haven’t heard this name already, you’ve clearly been sleeping. Currently in everyone’s ear singing ‘Rockabye’ along side Sean Paul by Clean Bandit, she was also MTV’s Push Artist back in 2016. But if you’re even just a little bit of a Rudimental fan, you’ll have heard the sassy 26-year-old from Essex sing a couple of tracks on Rudimental’s album ‘We the Generation’.


As my housemate could vouch for, I’ve been listening to Anne-Marie‘s music fanatically for the last couple of months. Not only does this woman have an amazing set of pipes but she is also the ipdeomy of coolness – music and style wise. As we all know, music and fashion go hand in hand. Especially for us women. And Anne-Marie‘s style is just goals. The clothes to the hair (hair envy, 100%), she’s definitely become somewhat of a fashion inspiration for me. It’s this London edgy chic with that effortless sexy coolness. And this also reflects in her music.

Her musical style is reminiscent of early 2000 or maybe she’s just bringing back some slick r’n’b vibes back to 2016. In past interviews, Anne-Marie has mentioned how she listened to old school r’n’b greats such as Destiny Child but also plenty of rappers such as   Eminem or 50 Cent. Those influences are definitely audible throughout her music.

One of my absolute favourite songs must be ‘Karate’. Now, many artists like to use objects, (or the like) to describe their feelings in songs. In this case, Anne-Marie does really know what she is singing about. As a former 3x world karate champion, it would have just been odd not to have a song incorporating this great part of her life. Other super catchy song’s are ‘Do It Right’, ‘Boy’ (so in love with the lyrics here), ‘Gemini’ and ‘Peak’. They all kinda have this spunky ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe and don’t shy away from being cheeky and direct but still fun. And if you see her sing live, she really feels the music and what she’s singing. That’s definitely something I’m drawn to and celebrate.

I discovered Anne-Marie through Rudimental. The first proper song I heard her sing was actually Rudimental’s BBC Live Lounge cover, ‘Lay Your Body’ (by Rita Ora ft. Chris Brown). She was singing along side Will Heard (watch this space on him later). I remember watching the live lounge performance and immediately transfixed by the infectious energy and vibes that seemed to ooze from the screen right into me. To this day I still watch that live lounge when I’m a little down.

After that, not only was I in full Rudimental mode, but I also wanted hear more from that cool chic that was lending the group her vocals. She sings a few songs on Rudimental’s album ‘We The Generation’ but her duet with Will Heard, ‘Rumour Mill’ might just be one of my fave tracks on the LP. The track is just so fun and both Anne-Marie‘s and Will’s voices really blend well together.

But aside from lending her voice to bands such as Rudimental, Clean Bandit or even Gorgon City, this woman has been slowly developing her own career. As mentioned earlier, she was just one if MTV’s Push Artists of 2016, with her single ‘Alarm’ reaching 2x Platinum status in Australia). She’s also just completed with her first solo UK tour – one that’s she even managed to fully sell out. Music wise, Anne-Marie has several singles and even an EP out (y’all can find it on the Spotify playlist). No full album yet, but that’s hopefully the next move this year.

And if all of this still hasn’t convinced you, well check out this talented lady’s Instagram and her free style sing sessions.

I mean, a song about pizza can’t get any cooler than that, amiright?

Anne-Marie is definitely one of my favourite artist right at the moment (and for the foreseeable future). And I’m calling it now: She’ll be super big one of these days (had the same vibe when I wrote about Tove Lo and we all know how that turned out). So go check her out! And I’ll be here waiting to see her live soon. Ciao, adios, I’m done!


Photos: FB

Videos: Youtube/Instagram

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