Anti-Valentine’s Playlist

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Every year it has to come around. And if you’re single and alone (cue All By Myself) – it tends to sneak up on you. Suddenly it’s just loved up couples, hearts and soppy music everywhere you turn. Fan-effing-tastic.

And every year, I’ve gotten rather accustomed to being dateless on this day and have actually become quite good at blatantly ignoring this overly schmaltzy (and in my opinion) purely commercial holiday.

But for all those having a bit of a tough time today due to missing a certain someone, or getting over that certain someone, OR simply just being super mad at at a certain person and feel like a little cry followed by a good internal f**k you – I’ve got you covered.

Let me introduce my short and little unsweet ‘Anti-Valentine’s (or something like that) Playlist’. These are just some of my own personal heart break songs but include some neat “I-don’t-need-you-and-accept-that-my-life-is-so-much-better-without-you” tracks thrown in at the end. I’ve cried (like seriously battled heartbreak), laughed and cut my losses with these songs (I’m looking at you A Fine Frenzy and Bon Iver).

So ladies and gentlemen, be consoled by the wonderfully tragic or sassy tunes of A Fine Frenzy, Bon Iver, Daughter, HONNE, Lily Allen, No Doubt, TLC, Adele and Amy Winehouse.


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