Honourable Mentions

When you decide to be fully involved in the music business, you tend to be bombarded with tons of new music. As much as I would love to feature every single bit of music out there, the sheer amount of great music to choose from is a little much. So I’ve decided to make a little collective of my favourite artists, tracks and the like I’ve found or been recommended on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or even had some of my friends send to me. This segment should hopefully be a regular occurrence so stick around if you like what you hear!

Louis Mattrs – ‘Bow Down’


If you ever need to find extra special live performances, the Mahogany Session on YouTube are fantastic! I found this guy on there – Louis Mattrs. His song ‘Bow Down’ is currently  one of my ultimate go to songs. The studio version is much faster and great too, however, I lost my heart to this broken down and vulnerable acoustic version. The simplicity of Mattrs on the piano leaves me with this ache in the heart (the good kind – if you know what I mean) and reminds me how much I just love these stripped down songs. Excited to see this guy play live sometime soon!

Joe Keegan – ‘Pick Myself Up’


Every now and again, Twitter also reveals some good musical talent. One of which is Joe Keegan. His upbeat single ‘Pick Me Up’ is perfect erase-those-rainy-weather-blues material. Keegan’s voice is reminiscent of music I used to listen to a lot, a few years ago. I love how bright the song sounds and it really just puts me in a good mood and I’m sure it will make you smile too. Go on, have a listen.

Skinny Living – ‘Let Me In’


Another Youtube find I’ve become absolutely smitten with is Wakefield-based band, Skinny Living. Already around a little while, the guys have played themselves into the hearts of fans through their songs ‘Storybook’ and ‘Only I’. However, my track of choice to binge listen to is their live version of ‘Let Me In’ (which they played for videographer Christian Tierney – also a great channel to watch for new music and brilliant videos). Filmed in what appears to be an empty car park, the performance is so raw and just gives me goosebumps all over. I won’t say too much now – just let the music do the talking – but stick around the blog as there definitely will be a separate Skinny Living introduction-piece up soon.

Lullaby – ‘Animal’


Lullaby came as a recommendation but they deserve a shoutout for their track ‘Animal’. Forever a rock gal at heart, the band hit the right spot at the right time. According to the lead singer of Lullaby, the song is about the moment you start falling out of love with someone. Still a rather inconspicuous band, there definitely is potential for quite the fan following. Their first track ‘I Am’ already made for a great start and I look forward to hearing what the guys come up with next.

Planetarium – “Versilberte Welt”


German music has really done a 360° turn these last couple of years, so much so, that there are a great many fantastic German acts out there – that even those who don’t understand German – will love. One being Planetarium. They are a pretty new band whose just recently brand new debut EP “Versilberte Welt” is a delight to listen to. Songs like ‘Barbara’ or ‘Wo Bin Ich’ are beautiful and probably my favourites off the record.

Maggie Rogers – ‘Alaska’


Last but least, Maggie Rogers. Just signed to major label Universal, this gal is already on her way to becoming a well known name town. A voice so calm and even a little fairy like, you can’t help but be mesmerised by it. Mix that with some snappy beats and voilá: you have a fun but magical little track. The video too, just leaves you grinning from ear to ear and it’s hard not to want to join in the fun everyone’s having thoughout the clip.


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