‘Bread Alone’ – Lorne

You know that feeling when you happen to come across a song that reminds you of a memory but you can’t place it for that split second? But the song just makes you sit there and wonder. Well, I had that while listening to ‘Bread Alone’ by Lorne.

The singer-songwriter from Berkshire, who’s name derives from the word forlorn, brought out his new single ‘Bread Alone’ only a few weeks ago and from the moment I heard it, I had to have Lorne on the blog.

‘Bread Alone’ is a song that on initial listen sounds so deeply tragic it makes your heart ache. The chorus and its lyrics “I don’t wanna waste my time, I don’t wanna let it pass, I don’t wanna miss this turn – it’ll take me home ” ensue a sort of dire urgency that rings through the song. What the song actually is about is a number of hopes and fears. What the artist really wanted was that people realise how time is so very precious.

The single is off the upcoming EP ‘Maze’, an album according to the singer, was created when Lorne was going through a rough patch in life. Something everyone can relate to.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 13.56.55

The music video too, is mesmerising. The atmosphere is concealed in shadow and light – the dimness of the street lamps and the blurry backdrop of the city . I find it simple and calm but so diverse at the same time. And reflects the feeling of the song.

I can’t wait to hear more. With everyone being able to quickly learn the guitar and most singer-songwriters using it as an instrument of choice whilst performing, I love the simplicity of voice and piano. It’s a nice little change of breeze in near still world. Just look, listen and let go.

‘Maze’ is coming out in May. Spread the word.



Video: YouTube
Photos: Youtube, Alex Kelly

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