Will Heard

Time to share some love and good vibes, man! Don’t you just love music that makes you instantly happy? Music that when you listen, just gets you up and dancing – no matter if you’re in the train, bus or at home. If you don’t have something like that in your life, then let me let you into a little secret: Will Heard.

Will Heard is a London-based singer with whom I’ve literally been obsessed with for the last two years. I previously wrote about the wonderful Anne-Marie on the blog and how she was part of Rudimental’s gang for a while. Well, so was Will Heard. A brilliant musician in his own right, he’s been singing a couple of tracks on Rudimental’s 2015 “We the Generation” album. But most people might know his voice from Klangkarussels “Sun Don’t Shine”.

Although I’d heard his singing numerous times before, I’d never seen the man behind it all. Only after interviewing Kwabs, and he mentioned Will Heard as a musician one should “go listen to” – I checked out his music and was instantly smitten.

Now, two years on, Heard has finally brought out his long awaited EP “Trust”. The EP includes four songs and each and everyone is, in my opinion, pure gold. The song’s are mainly about being attracted and getting involved with someone you quite like. The themes resonate with me and probably one of the reasons why I can’t stop listening to the EP. The beats and sounds range from a funky beat to smooth strums and just makes you want to get up and dance.

With only four tracks it’s a little tricky to pick a favourite. I’m genuinely in love with all songs and wish “Trust” was an entire album. But if one song could convince you of Heard’s magic it would be “Beep Me” (and yes, it’s a cover of Missy Elliot’s “Beep Me 911” – executed excellently).

What gets me is how underrated Will Heard is. He’s known enough that he should be out there for everyone to know but still low key enough to stay so cool and humble. If anyone’s a little familiar with London’s music scene will know that Heard’s funk and soul remixed with pop elements is ‘what’s happening’. But if you think that’s new – let me tell you it’s not. Will Heard’s career started around 2013. And his earlier music is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s “Frank” days. Such as in his song “Other Clones”. The music is mixed with smooth jazz, with the saxophone popping in the background. And if you love a little fast talk/ rap, Heard’s got you covered there too. I can’t but encourage you to forage through YouTube for his older stuff – you won’t be disappointed.

However Heard isn’t just vocally talented. This guy can play numerous instruments ranging from the guitar, to sax, piano, bass and percussion. So all his music definitely has his signature touches all over it.

Now, I’m hoping this man will come on over and make a little Europe Tour after his two sold out gigs in London because I need to have these good vibes washing over me in real life. But for now, I’ll content myself with rewatching the “I Better Love You” video over and over – just fyi, it’s basically what I want to do when listening to the song on public transport. Share the love and positivity!

Videos and Coverphoto: YouTube

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