An Open Letter To: Paramore

Dear Paramore,

Music was my first love and it will be my last. A true constant for as long as I can remember. Growing up my parents influenced my musical path. Then school brought me my friends that lead me unto other, more my own genres, ways. But I can clearly remember when I actually found a band I truly loved – all on my own. And it was you.

It was 2007 and Paramore’s ‘Misery Business’ was playing on MTV. Hearing that song and seeing this keck, crazy looking woman with short electric red hair surrounded by guys with equally intriguing hairstyles, I instantly was a goner. Having grown up in Germany and mainly only into pop music (apart from my love for the then alternative Avril Lavigne) the emo/alt scene had seemly passed me over. So all my friends weren’t into that scene nor did I know anyone that was. So Paramore was all mine for a while.

That was until the first Twilight movie came out and suddenly they were the band to love. Call me a music hipster but I was a little sad to suddenly have to share this great band with my friends and the whole world. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop my from loving their music – long after more and more of people “got over them”.

I’ve been following Paramore through all their ups and downs, break-ups, new band constellations, and change of music directions. And it’s been two long years since we’ve heard any news of new music nor new album on the horizon but finally, last Wednesday, Paramore returned with their new single ‘Hard Times’. A song that has made many of us Paramore lovers so happy. The moment I saw the music video I just had this completely insane grin on my face. And of course I couldn’t resist replaying the song all the next day either. It’s so much fun and makes my heart swell up with happiness.

Granted, Paramore’s sound has changed immensely from what it used to be from the “All We Know Is Falling” and “Riot” days. Yet I still feel despite the change of music, seeing them perform they still deep down are those crazy kids from then. Some bands change attitude wise when changing their musical direction but Paramore have this red thread they pull through their music. It’s hard to explain but clear when you watch all their music videos or live performances.

Song’s like ‘Misery Business’, ‘crushcrushcrush’ (okay, let’s cut to the chase and make that all the songs from “Riot”), ‘Brick By Boring Brick’, ‘The Only Exception’, ‘Turn It Off’, ‘Daydreaming’, ‘Ain’t It Fun’, ‘Fast In My Car’, ‘Still Into You’, (One Of Those) Crazy Girls will forever and always hold my heart. All different and same in their own ways, each one of them has made me laugh out load, scream and shout and cry bitterly into my pillow.

My one regret, or rather great disappointment has been to never actually see Paramore play live. Ranging from too young to go alone, to the band splitting, then their rare performances in Europe – all too far away, – there always an obstacle. With envy I’d see others go and vowed the minute I could get my hands on tickets again, I would. And as if Paramore read my mind, the band will finally be touring with their new album in June. And I’m getting tickets, come what may!


This letter has been long overdue. A little love declaration to the band that influenced my love for alternative sort of music, made me find a piece of me all on my own and showed me it was okay to be different – to show edge, to be confident, and to embrace my inner punk rocker. Basically live unapologetically and stay bad ass.

So thank you Paramore for these past crazy 10 years. I’m so excited to hear the new music from the upcoming LP, “After Laughter”, and dancing around at your gigs. I still love you and will stay devoted to you as long as you have music for us to listen to. Because, well, after all this time you are the only exception – and I’m totally still into you.

Yours always,

Marla x



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