Honourable Mentions – A Ladies Special

Let’s bring a little female power into this mix!

In this edition of Honourable Mentions, I’d love to bring you a little closer to some of the women I’ve had a massive musical girl crush on for the last couple on months. Women I can’t stop listening to and who help me feel so many emotions – both tragically sad but also so blissfully happy.

The list is a little longer than intended (I’ve been holding out for a while here). Still, in the hope you’ll take away a new favourite artist from this humble list, here goes:

Sinead Harnett


Gah! When I first heard Sinead Harnett’s music it was a major throwback. Having slowly “gone off” r’n’b – a genre I actually heard a lot in my younger teen years – this genre of music wasn’t really anything I’d immediately go listen to. But its singers like Sinead who are bringing back those r’n’b vibes and I’m living for it! Not only is she an amazing recording artist, but also has those vocals down when it comes to singing live. Her album ‘Chapter One’ belongs to my staple mixtapes I listen to frequently and her newest video to her song ‘Unconditonally’ is what actually inspired me to sit down and write this post.




People. Don’t ever skip out on supporting acts. If you do you might just miss out on musical gems. One such as the mesmerising, Celeste. Still a little obscure on the music scene (which should hopefully change soon), the London-based singer is one to watch next year. I met Celeste when she was supporting the guys from Skinny Living on their European tour this autumn. With songs like ‘The Milk & The Honey’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Daydreaming’ as well as a voice that absolutely matches the sweetness of her song titles, you can’t help but float off to a land of daydreams while listening to her…


Fenne Lily

Photo: Carl Osbourn

When I first met Fenne Lily, she was supporting Charlie Cunningham on his tour earlier this year. But while she was performing, I felt an instant connection to her songs that are mostly so romantically tragic, me with a disastrous love life, can only too accurately relate. One of those songs is the new one called, ‘Three, Oh, Nine’. And after you’re done listening to that track, check out ‘Top to Toe’ and ‘Bud’. Happy crying!



Dungeness Press Shot Film 35mm

I absolutely love Bryde (as those of you that having been hanging around here, might have realised). So I’m always right there when news of new music is upon us. As mentioned in our interview (check it out here), the Welsh singer has been slowly releasing music and saved her brand new track, ‘Desire‘ as an end of year special.




What I love most about artists featuring other artists, is that mostly that you discover potential favourite singers. As maybe most of the pop world, I’ve been obsessing over Sam Smith’s new album. And one of his tracks, ‘No Peace’ features this amazing woman right here, YEBBA. As a newly YEBBA obsessed woman, I scoured YouTube to hear more. And found this live rendition of her song ‘My Mind’. It’s no wonder that this Sofar live Session went viral because, woah, that voice, those emotions – chills.




I actually came across NAO a while ago but even then, I was kind of late to the party. Still, glad to be joining in because the uniqueness of this artists voice has me hooked. Self describing her music as “wonky funk” on top of soul, r’n’b, funk vibes, this term seems only appropriate. There are a couple of tracks I’m absolutely in love with on her first album (which is over a year old – we need more!) such as ‘Adore You’, ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘We Don’t Give A’. It’s not only NAO’s style of voice and music that has me loving her music so much, but also lyrically, her song subjects just speak to my soul.


Izzy Bizu


Another example of a featured artist that I know can’t do without is Izzy Bizu. Having first heard her voice when she sang on HONNE’s track ‘Someone That Loves You’, she’s been a regular on my Spotify playlists. Her most prominent track so far has been, ‘White Tiger’ (I’ve even heard it on the German radio – so that’s big). Currently, she’s singing on  Milky Chances’ new song called ‘Bad Things’. But I can only highly recommend scavenging through Youtube for her live rooftop sessions that have you dreaming of sunshine and summer.


Charlotte Cardin


I randomly came across Charlotte Cardin’s song ‘Main Girl’ while flicking through music online. After listening to the track once, the repeat button became my best friend. I mainly love Charlotte’s music due to how she expresses herself through her lyrics. Cunningly, the Canadian chanteuse found a way to address the subject of unrequited love as well as the female empowerment, different from all else I’ve been listening too. In a no nonsense, bad-ass swoop, her other song ‘Dirty Dirty’ makes me feel like a bad-ass bitch. Boom!


Photos: Google, Facebook
Videos: YouTube


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